What is the "Psychology of the Aware Ego"?

Sometimes we hear Voice Dialogue teachers talk about the "Psychology of the Aware Ego". What do they mean by this?

In the early development of the work everything was referred to as "Voice Dialogue" and theory and practice were not delineated. Gradually, as the work developed, Voice Dialogue became the primary methodology of the work and we called the theoretical structure of the work, "The Psychology of Selves".

As time passed and the work evolved, we began to see how relevant it was to the understanding of our own relationship and soon we began to examine the selves as they operated in all relationships. At this point, the work began to be referred to as: Voice Dialogue, Relationship and the Psychology of Selves.

As another decade passed, we began to see the function of the Aware Ego (or the Aware Ego Process) as increasingly central to the entire theoretical structure of the work and so we, and other teachers, began to refer to the work as The Psychology of the Aware Ego (orThe Psychology of the Aware Ego Process).

For us, the two descriptions each remain quite accurate. One can refer to either one or the other or - for the most accurate and complete picture of our work - they can be used together, which would look like this: THE PSYCHOLOGY OF THE AWARE EGO Voice Dialogue, Relationship, and the Psychology of Selves.

For a complete description of this evolution of our thinking, please download and print The Basic Elements of Voice Dialogue, Relationship, and the Psychology of Selves: Their Origins and Development.

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