Is the Aware Ego the same as Impersonal Energy?

Personal energy and impersonal energy describe two very different and opposite energy states and many of the selves we work with have varying degrees of one or the other. A Vulnerable Child Self has a huge amount of personal energy. The Mind is primarily impersonal energy.

The Aware Ego learns to step back and embrace both systems. With an Aware Ego Process operating, we would have both personal and impersonal energies available to us. It would help us to stand between personal and impersonal energy and learn how to use both in our life in ways that are appropriate to us. We would then be able to use our minds and also have vulnerability available to us in a conscious way.

In contrast, impersonal energy can only be impersonal. The five-disc The Aware Ego CD gives a thorough description - and including exercises and numerous demonstrations - of the personal and impersonal energies and the difference between these and the Aware Ego Process.

The Rational Mind and the Psychological Knower are excellent examples of impersonal energies.

Chapter Five, The Magic of Linkage, in the book Partnering, gives an excellent description of personal and impersonal energies - and how these affect relationship.

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