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Voice Dialogue is one of the cornerstones of my psycho-spiritual process. When I first began this journey, I found it (deceptively) easy to grasp and utilize to help me resolve immediate conflicts and develop perspectives outside 'my' own. It's the long journey though, that has proven the most rewarding. It's the long journey that has slowly converted what I originally regarded as a psychological method into more of a central element of my spiritual process. This is now more clearly reveal ed, and shared, in both my practice with clients and my teachings with learners. In my own life experience, this has brought me a more full range of emotional and psychic experience, even as I am paradoxically freer from habits of behavior and set ideas about 'my story'. Parallel paths for me has been meditation practice and an ecstatic dance practice.

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Practicing Since 1985
Teaching Since 1989

Offering Continuing Education Credits: Yes

Additional Modalities: I have also extensively studied and been trained in archetypal psychology/dream process and I have been engaged in a mindful movement practice for the last 14 years.Together, they have brought added emphasis for me to attend to the experience of how and when we embody archetypal energies. For the last few years, I have been host in Portland Oregon to bi-monthly study groups on both Joseph Campbell and James Hillman. The study of myth and archetypes nicely complement Voice Dialogue practice/ teachings.

Areas of Interest: Several strong themes come together in both my practice and my teaching of Voice Dialogue: embodied mindfulness and archetypes of nature. I developed a description of what I call the "principles of nature and psyche', which looks to see common archetypes in nature and in human behavior in order to better recognize these underlying natural archetypal drives. An initial description of it can be found in my book, The Benefit of People Who Bug You: A Voice Dialogue Primer. The book also provides clarifying exercises that are useful on the individual as well as organizational levels for working with negative judgments (the Critic) in an exercise called by the same name as the book title. This has been particularly helpful when I bring Voice Dialogue into business environments that are seeking to engage with a higher degree of consciousness in its human relationships (teams, management, customers, etc.). I also use it near the start of every new couple's session.

Another strong element of my work is in deepening what we term the 'awareness' process, essential to the Aware Ego Process. In this regard, I teach simple meditation techniques to help clients more easily develop the Aware Ego Process.

Title/Field School Date
A.D. Nursing, A.D, L.A. Monroe Community 1980
Title State Date
RN New York 1980
Professional Background
My professional life as a registered nurse in the 1980's began to change when I realized I was more interested in what made me 'tick' as a person, once I understood enough of how the body works in order to be in and promote health. My goal without yet having words for it, was psycho-spiritual health and lively wholeness. I intuitively understood that my self concepts kept me from experiencing a fuller range of my potential and that my 'problems' stemmed more from who-in-me met life, rather than what life conditions dealt to me.

I have spent considerable time exploring the roles that community, ritual, meditation, creativity, dance, relationship, quiet, dream process and myth/archetype have in shaping and enriching the journey of Soul/Psyche in life. As much as it seem to be my fate to be a teacher, I am also a perennial student, absorbing as much from life and others as I (strive to) contribute what gifts I have to share.

I teach Voice Dialogue extensively, and to many different types of communities. These include people wanting to activate another layer of their process, to novice facilitators and teachers, to counselors and therapists seeking professional trainings, to organizational entities (e.g., the government of Canada enlisted me to develop a 2 day VD program for their leadership training program for all levels of national government managers) and to businesses (e.g. executive leadership retreats using VD).

Some of the programs I teach are: Level I week-long programs, in the US, Asia and Canada, 4 Day Facilitator Training, 3 Day Facilitator Practicums (every 3 months), Dream Process groups and special programs/topics when I get an inspiration to follow. I also develop custom programs for groups upon request. Recently, I've taught Voice Dialogue in a special master's degree programs (Thailand), a Zen monastery (Oregon), and am currently putting together a training program for 2011 for a group of Jungian analysts (Canada).

A spark that came to life a few years ago has been to collaborate more with other teachers in the programs I create. To this end, in 2009, I restarted a form of training that Hal and Sidra Stone originally developed (and ended after 10 years) called, Voice Dialogue Summer Camp. This is now an annual 10 day retreat that features a roster of experienced leaders from around the world to teach and facilitate Voice Dialogue. It's also a place for facilitators to come and dive in for themselves for a 10 day period, supported by a seasoned cast of facilitators. The program also offers movement practice, dream groups and art process to enrich the offerings.

In 2011, I plan on launching a two year Transformational Arts program that be a full, long term training in Voice Dialogue theory and practice for facilitation and personal development. In addition to Voice Dialogue, it will include movement practice, meditation practice, archetypal studies and expressive arts. The program will be centered in Portland, but structured to allow for distance learning with connections to satellite teachers.

On my website, you'll find a number of my teaching articles on Voice Dialogue.
Basic Voice Dialogue Training(s)
TitleWhereWhenHours / DaysTeacher(s)
Beginning and intermediate Voice DialogueNew York, NY1985 - 1987weekly classesAnna Ivara
SummerkampPhilo, CA1988 - 199414 day retreats, every yearHal and Sidra Stone + staff
Level II, IIIAlbion, CA1994 - 20095 day retreats, as staff primarilyHal and Sidra Stone
Archetypal Pattern StudiesPortland OR & Brattelboro VT12/04 - 10/08quarterly 3 day intensives + weekly mentoringMichael Conforti, PhD.
Cross Cultural Shamanic StudiesNY, OR, CA1985 - 19963, 5 or 10 day retreats, bi-annuallyMichael Harner, Ph.D, Leslie Conton, Ph.D, Sandra Ingerman, MSW
Continuing Voice Dialogue Education*
TitleWhereWhenHours / DaysTeacher(s)
Level II & IIIAlbion, CA1994 - 2009staffing at 5 day programsHal and Sidra Stone
SummerkampPhilo, CA1994staffed 14 day programHal and Sidra Stone

* The most recent workshops.


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